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Yoga-inspired fun classes, that encourage movement and enhance
development. For babies and children from 6 weeks to 7 years
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Tatty Bumpkin is the inspiration behind the bendy, giggly world for clever minds and strong bodies. Her adventures are centered around Wobble Farm and The Giggle Tree, where she takes children on active, creative story adventures that inspire and motivate children (and adults) alike. The concept has been developed by yoga teachers, physiotherapists and educationalists.

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Tatty Bumpkin Classes starting beginning of May
 Location Age Day Time Term
Please call or email to register your interest 3 - 6 years Tatty Bumpkin To be Confirmed To be Confirmed New term starting May 2016
Please call or email to register your interest 1.5 - 2.5 years Tatty Bumpkin Explorers To be Confirmed To be Confirmed                                New term starting May 2016
Please call or email to register your interest 6 weeks - crawling Baby Bumpkin To be Confirmed To be Confirmed                    New term starting May 2016
Please call or email to register your interest Tatty Bumpkin Easter Holiday Club 4 - 7 years             To be Confirmed       10:30am - 1:00pm                Please email or call for more info & to book your childs mat
To book: email stalbans@tattybumpkin.com or call 07808 934439

Welcome to our Bendy, Giggly world. My name is Leia, I took over the ownership of Tatty Bumpkin St Albans just over a year ago now. I cover St Albans, Welwyn Garden City and Harpenden areas.

I was introduced to the world of Tatty Bumpkin when I had my little girl 4 & a half years ago. I started taking her to classes when she was 5 weeks old, the classes helped us bond, made her stronger and gave me a little stretch too! As she grew she became adventurous, just like Tatty Bumpkin, and now her imagination never ceases to amaze me! I am excited to be able to bring Tatty Bumpkin back to the area and take your children on magical adventures in our classes. 

I have completed my teacher training in Tatty Bumpkin, Baby Bumpkin and SEN, am fully insured and hold an up to date DBS. 

Tatty Bumpkin yoga inspired sessions are available for Children's Centres, Nurseries, Primary Schools-lunch clubs, after school clubs, PPA Cover, play groups and holiday clubs. Please contact me for more info or if you would like Tatty Bumpkin yoga inspired sessions to visit your child's nursery, school or club. You can email me at stalbans@tattybumpkin.com You can also like my Facebook Page Tatty Bumpkin St Albans

Book Tatty Bumpkin to come to your special event

If your school, nursery or playgroup is holding a special event please let me know and we will be able to organise a Tatty session or Tatty Bumpkin stall. We are also available for parties, weddings, festivals, fetes, open days and celebrations. Please do not hesitate to contact me by email. 

Leia and Tatty Bumpkin xx



"Leia you are so personal with the staff and children and they absolutely love your classes!!"
"The children really look forward to yoga and have so much fun in each class."
"The children enjoy Leia's story time throughout the yoga session, allowing them to explore their imagination"
"The babies are very relaxed during yoga and it calms the room for the rest of the day."
"Leia brings a magical feel to the nursery, she is so soft and caring to each and every child and our staff members."
"Leia takes the time to understand each child and remember who they are and their different needs."
WE you Leia!!!!!!!!!!!!            Maddie & Staff at Yellow Stars Nursery, Wheathampsted

"The children all get very excited when Tatty Bumpkin turns up! Leia brings lots f energy and enthusiasum whilst still keeping the environment stimulating yet calm."
"Leia is amazing!"
"Leia has a fantastic rapour with the children, she is a very calming influence and all our children get so involved and engaged in her yoga sessions. Leia brings lovely equipment, uses different textures for the children to explore & feel"
"The children love it when it's yoga day. They have so much fun and grow stronger and more limber every session ; ) "
"Children love Tatty Bumpkin and get excited when they know it's yoga day. Very relaxing and calming for the children and Leia is very good with them. She does similar things everytime she comes but changes it slightly so the children know what they are doing but it's not too repetitive - THEY JUST LOVE IT!!"
"The children and staff love the Tatty Bumpkin sessions. Leia has a great way with the children and each child listens and follows the instructions. All the children join in every session for the whole time. It is lovely to hear the different adentures of Tatty Bumpkin. THANK YOU SO MUCH! : )"
Manager & Staff at Riverbanks Nursery, Harpenden

"Leia teaches a yoga inspired class to our lunch club pupils once a week at Swallow Dell Primary School. The group is aged between 5 - 11 year olds, many of whom need support with confidence, social skills and friendship. Leia makes sure all our children feel included and adapts her teaching to suit their needs. THe children enjoy working with Leia and respond well to her calm and patient teaching methods. The classs is always well planned out and the children stay engaged throughout. Leia is always ready and organised when we arrive for our session and is always professional, she clearly feels passionately and this shows in her teaching"                Mrs Bishop, Swallow Dell Primary School

"I really enjoy yoga, especialy with you Leia as our teacher! I enjoyed playing crab football and the rainbow ging over us. I also like shouting cocka doodle doo and making Tatty Bumpkin toast for breakfast, it's like a volcano. I like our rhyme to the Gggle Tree. I remeber crocdile, spider, starfish, dolphin, and gloomy cloud!"         Grace, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

"Thank you for teaching me yoga moves. I like the tree pose the best and downward dog."        Chloe, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

"We have had so much fun doing yoga. We also love roaring like a lion! It has been fun meeting animals like crocodiles and my favourite is horse. It has been so fun meeting Colin the Cockerel and Tatty Bumpkin. I love crab football too! Thank you for doing yoga with us"        Gracie, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

"I loved it when wewere pretending to be a volcano in yoga today. We also enjoyed being the sun that TAtty Bupkin saw in space!"      Daniel, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

"Thank you for doing yoga with us every week. I really like doing Bendy, Giggly, Clever & Strong each week, I've got more stretchy! I like meeting the cockerel and bee but the rabbit was even better. I also like the dinosaur!"       Archie, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

"We enjoy yoga at Wobble Farm. My favouorite place is at the Giggle Tree. We appreciate yoga and the exciting things that happen"      Ryan, Year 2 Swallow Dell Primary School

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