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Tatty Bumpkin is also used as a multi-sensory educational resource for teachers in reception, Key Stage 1 and 2.

Using narrative, movement and music, the resource will help with topic work, being flexible and creative.

The highly structured, fun programme is fully aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum, and develops social and attention skills, language, maths, knowledge and understanding of the world, physical movement and creativity. Your children will also develop physical, emotional and social confidence alongside a sense of well being.

I absolutely adored your course and have been inspired so much by it - the kids ask to go into The Giggle Tree frequently. It brings teaching alive, and can be used in so many different ways in order to deliver many aspects of the EYFS, some of my children sometimes ask if I was born in The Giggle Tree!  - Teacher Durham

I think Tatty Bumpkin is great and so do all of the children I have used the resources with.
We have found that the children have made significant progress across the EYFS due to the implementation of Tatty Bumpkin. They are really enthusiastic to join in and love the character and her adventures. As a setting we have found Tatty Bumpkin a useful resource that is very versatile and is easily related to children's interests.
Teacher Horden Nursery School

The new EYFS curriculum was announced in March  2013 and we are delighted that the 3 prime areas; communication, physical development and personal, social and emotional development are the three key areas covered in the Tatty Bumpkin programme. All our lesson plans are fully adapted to the EYFS framework. Click here for more details on how our programme works with the new framework.

The sessions are also used as breakfast and after-school clubs as well as PPA cover and one off events such as during Healthy Eating week.

Tatty Bumpkin in Education has been devised with the help of Philip Davis, an educationalist and musician who works all over the UK with his highly acclaimed work on creative learning. He is also an associate consultant for QCA and works with them on enhancing the curriculum using music.
Tatty is a firm member of my reception and year 1 class - she even has her photograph on her peg and has her own tray!

Tatty and her best friend, Monkey have been on lots of adventures together.  Mrs Sutherland, our head teacher, took Monkey to the Olympic games.  The whole school enjoyed seeing the photographs (she really did this).  Tatty went to America last summer with me and visited New York, Yosemite National Park and many other places around America!!!

The children love Tatty sessions and always ask new grown up visitors to our class if they have met her before.  I think it's great.  They continue to write little notes for her and make things for her.  Her birthday party was a big success.

As for the movement sessions, I am extremely impressed with how the children are really listening to the music - they move quickly when the music is fast, move slowly when it is slow and they even stop when the music pauses for a while.  Lion and going to the giggle tree really shows this well.  National Curriculum learning objectives for PE are very well catered for. I am always keen to show visitors how our Tatty sessions work.  Children's sequencing of events has also improved and their story writing. Deputy Head - Primary School Durham

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