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Tatty Bumpkin Classes

Tatty Bumpkin classes are fun, yoga-inspired stories designed to encourage movement and enhance development in babies and children 6 weeks - 7 years. Baby Bumpkin classes are for babies 0-2 years and Tatty Bumpkin 2-7 years. Older children can also be accommodated. The sessions focus on the 'well-being' of both child and parent, giving a firm foundation for social, emotional and physical confidence - all required for future happiness and success.

All our sessions are aligned to the Early Years Foundation Stage (0-5 years) curriculum, and have been developed by physiotherapists, educationalists, yoga-teachers for a unique, fun, developmental concept.

Our classes are run in centres across the UK and overseas, in private classes, nurseries, pre-schools, schools, Children's Centres, holiday clubs... at weddings, festivals, parties... you name it, where there are families and children looking for fun, we will be there.

And if you are a parent looking to join with your baby or child, you too will access your inner child and learn new creative, physical ways of parenting. Join us in a new Bendy, Giggly, Clever and Strong world.

Miss Sarah Tyler, Reception Class Teacher, Willow Farm Primary School, Gedling comments on Tatty Bumpkin…

Tatty Bumpkin is without a doubt the highlight of the week, for both children and staff. The sessions are a perfect mix of familiar and new movements and postures, taught through lively, engaging stories which are enhanced by the creative use of a variety of sensory resources and music. The atmosphere is always friendly and encouraging, and all the children have gained in confidence and participate with great enthusiasm. Parents appreciate the weekly “What I learnt in my class today” sheets, and report that the children enjoy talking about and demonstrating their yoga at home. The planning which accompanies the sessions is informative and is fully linked to the new Foundation Stage framework. It is an absolute joy to see the excitement on children’s faces when they know they have Tatty Bumpkin, and the smiles last all day (which by popular demand usually finishes with a rendition of “Bendy Giggly Clever and Strong” followed by “the relaxing song”!) .We feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in Tatty Bumpkin – both an outstanding learning opportunity and great fun for us all!Independent Quality Assurance assessment of a class

Our Tatty Bumpkin franchisee for the Rutland area, Emma Cunnington, has been delivering Tatty Bumpkin and Baby Bumpkin sessions for her local Children Centres after securing a contract last year. 
As part of the county’s monitoring of their service, an independent assessor reviewed one of the classes, run by Lisa, a Baby Bumpkin teacher. The assessment was thorough, so much so that Lisa was told by the assessor beforehand that she might well have areas to improve and reflect on. As it was, the assessor commented after that this was one of the best baby activity classes that she had seen.
To see the full report click here

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