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Judith Saunders - Newbury and Andover
"Quite simply, I love my job! Why would I want to do anything else?"

Dai Alford – Winchmore Hill
"When I first bought my Tatty Bumpkin franchise  three years ago, I was filled with hope that I may have finally found the job of my dreams.  3 hardworking years  later I still wake up every morning loving my job.

I put my heart and soul into this job, I live and breathe it. I have discovered that I have a talent with children! Helping children to play, learn, laugh and develop is pure joy to me- I am lucky enough to belly laugh everyday! – I feel very blessed to have found Tatty Bumpkin.

If you had asked me 3 years ago about the business side of the job I would have said “oh help” But with perseverance, practice, and a whole heap of support from head office I have massively improved my business skills and am now not scared to approach any challenge- I never think “ I can’t do it” anymore- I think “how can I do it”- Tatty has changed my outlook on life in such a positive way.

There isn’t a bad thing to tell you about- it fits around my young children, It provides me with a good salary, it keeps me fit and happy and I am surrounded by support from the other franchisee’s and head office. I can honestly say I love my job."

Wendy Eynon – Essex South East
"I was very excited to find that the Franchise in my area was available, Tatty Bumpkin brings specially written music, yoga inspired movement and magical story-telling together and makes it fun for the children (and parents/carers!) whilst developing key senses. The quality of the product and the support received from Head Office is amazing, and I can’t wait to introduce Tatty to the area!

I am especially excited to be working for myself, which gives me the flexibility to fit in around my family and have a more reasonable work life balance. Having extracted myself from the corporate world, and inspired by my twins and the new world that motherhood had introduced me to, I can’t wait to have the opportunity to work with children - they are our next generation so having some part in their development and making it fun at the same time is very exciting.

Tatty Bumpkin offers a successful business model. Head Office are constantly providing useful, up to date marketing tools to help me (the franchisee) grow my business."

Tara McGregor – Edinburgh West (first Scottish Tatty Bumpkin franchise)
"When my daughter was due to start school, I found myself at a career crossroads looking for something completely different. I was struck by Tatty Bumpkin’s passion for children’s wellbeing. In the company I have found one of the kindest, most welcoming, and nurturing group of people I have ever met! Now my work is about being active, having fun with kids as well as helping them be active and creative too.   Head office is very supportive and continually updates the product to keep it fresh and relevant to current Early Years thinking. It’s hard work building up business as a new franchisee – and it’s great to have such a well-developed, respected product at the core of the business"

Sue Orpin - Cambridge
"I took on the Tatty Bumpkin Cambridge franchise 3 years ago and wow my life has changed!  It has empowered me to make decisions I never thought I had it in me to make.  I have met some wonderful families, teachers and nursery workers along the way and we share many adventures together.  Being the owner of the franchise does have it’s challenges too – doing the book keeping and the managing side is hard work but you certainly do find your strengths and weaknesses which is a good life lesson!
There is also guidance and support from Tatty HQ which is a big plus and there is a growing franchise network to share ideas so you are not on your own!
Tatty Bumpkin is certainly worth getting up in the morning for and I can’t think of anything else I would rather do…………"

“Purchasing the Tatty Bumpkin franchise has been one of the most rewarding and exciting things that I have ever done in my life. The franchise provides me with challenges, constantly presents me with new opportunities to learn, and has rewarded me financially. The flexibility of the business is allowing me to “return to work” but importantly, this is not to the detriment of time with my young family. If you are hard working,self-motivated and driven, then this is the franchise for you.”

Louise Steele – South East Oxfordshire
"I am passionate about Yoga, love kids and have always dreamed of running my own business so when I discovered Tatty Bumpkin I couldn't quite believe how perfect it looked for me! I quickly attended a Discovery Day and fell in love with the product and ethos of the company. Every step of this journey so far has left me keen to get started and thoroughly inspired. The dedication, enthusiasm and support of Head Office and the other franchisees is fantastic and has really made the transition into franchising easy.
But most importantly for me, the research behind the classes to align them with the EYFS, the bespoke music and adaptable poses really gives Tatty Bumpkin the edge over any other activity based classes for children. I cannot wait to bring the bendy, giggly world of Tatty Bumpkin to S.E. Oxfordshire.

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