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Running your own business when you have kids is possible.
Child friendly franchise accredited by the British Franchise Association.
Buy a child-friendly franchise where you can have fun and earn an income too.

Flexible working with Tatty Bumpkin

We are delighted that our flexible franchise has been nominated for the Franchisor of the Year in the National 2016 mumandworking Awards as hosted by Natwest. 

Since we started in 2008 with a social enterprise award for helping mums back to work, we have been working to create the ultimate flexible franchise. We work hard to provide business support to a range of women who want a new career to run alongside running a family.

For 3 years running we have been awarded 5 star satisfaction in the Smith and Henderson franchise benchmark survey, scoring over 90% each year for franchisee satisfaction.

As a British Franchise accredited operation, we offer everything needed to run a flexible successful business, but we offer something more thats harder to define - through each and every person connected with the business - we are like a family providing support and experience to make each individual Tatty Bumpkin business a success, and its the emotional and caring side to the network that really stands us apart.

Tatty Bumpkin gives me the freedom to have fun all day doing something that I am totally passionate about whilst still being a totally present mummy for my daughters. And I also get paid really well for it! I have never felt luckier x I love the supportive women helping women to achieve their goals that our head office promotes. I wake up feeling lucky every morning. Franchisee

Thank you for all your training and investment of time in me - I am SO THRILLED to be doing Tatty Bumpkin classes!!  Today was my first day going solo as it were and I have not felt such gratification in any job (apart from motherhood) in years!  How completely brilliant this new job is..  It’s really refreshing to be doing something that is actually joyful and rewarding. Franchisee

And here is the official bit!

Are you up for a new challenge? Are you at a career cross roads, thinking of returning to work after having a child, or just looking to improve your work/life balance?

Tatty Bumpkin’s unique business opportunity helps mums back to work: we’ve even won an award for it. We will support you to start a business, even if you have never done anything like this before. 

A Tatty Bumpkin business is an ethical franchise, and we take great pride in our work ethos and the way we treat our suppliers, franchisees, families and anyone associated with us. We are not a big corporate franchise company, and we don’t behave like one.

The idea of Tatty Bumpkin franchises came from a need to provide more classes in more areas and seemed the best way to keep the core values of the brand intact whilst still being able to grow the business. Our franchisees are part of the Tatty Bumpkin family and we work closely with them at all times to support their businesses and bring success and rewards to them as individuals.

• Tatty Bumpkin won an UnLtd Social Enterprise award for helping mums back to work

• We are accredited by the British Franchise Association

• We are a case study for ICSF, the Institute for Social Franchise

• Our toys and accessories are made by a Fair Trade Cooperative in Sri Lanka and we make sure that everyone that works for Tatty Bumpkin in whatever capacity is treated with fairness and respect

• Our franchisees and team have won awards such as 'Most inspiring business parent' - Mum and Working, 'Best new Franchisee' - EWIF, 'Franchise Employee of the Year' - EWIF.

We aim to have a positive social, financial and ethical impact on the children, parents and communities where we work. We run regular Discovery Days - fun two hour sessions where you get to experience a class for yourself and find out about franchise opportunities in your area.

Like our award winning classes, a Tatty Bumpkin business is ‘bendy, giggly, clever and strong…

Bendy: The business is truly flexible: you will run private classes at a venue you choose at a time you choose as often as your choose. It’s your business so we don’t dictate how you run it. There are many areas you can develop your business: running local nursery classes, after school clubs, parties and more. You can structure your business to give you the work/life balance that you need and you will train and employ other teachers to take on the hours that don’t work for you so that the business is truly flexible around your other commitments and can continue to grow in your franchise area.

Giggly: Our franchisees say that they love their work. The classes are creative and enjoyable, and give great job satisfaction. A new business will be hard work at times but the rewards will be high. Working for yourself is a challenge, and most of our network have not worked for themselves before, but the majority of franchisees are happier and more fulfilled since they started their businesses. We will support you at every step.

Clever: Even if you have never run a business before, we give you all the tools you need, and lots of support and training to guide you. We can help you fund the business through our financial partners. There is full support from the experienced franchise team at Head Office for business advice and training, a new IT booking system about to roll out and a new marketing manager to help and advise you on how to sell your classes.

Strong: Together we are stronger… the network of Tatty Bumpkin franchisees is very strong and nurturing. Internal communications mean that there is always someone to help who has been there before. We love a good old get together and we see the business as an extended family. We hold a yearly conference for franchisees to meet each other and continue their professional development.

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our franchisees say:

"Tatty Bumpkin gives me the freedom to have fun all day doing something that I am totally passionate about whilst still being a totally present mummy for my daughters. And I also get paid really well for it!”

“I have never felt luckier.  I love the supportive women-helping-women to achieve their goals that our Head Office promotes. I wake up feeling lucky every morning." 

"The professionalism, support and care that is been provided has made the decision to leave the corporate world and move into franchising easy.”

“It is a pleasure to be part of Tatty's world – to be part of a fantastic, enthusiastic & motivated team that are truly making the difference in children's lives." 

And here’s Dai’s story:

Dai Alford: Winchmore Hill Franchisee:

"When I first bought my Tatty Bumpkin franchise three years ago, I was filled with hope that I may have finally found the job of my dreams.  Three hardworking years later I still wake up every morning loving my job.  I put my heart and soul into this job; I live and breathe it. I have discovered that I have a talent with children. Helping children to play, learn, laugh and develop is pure joy to me - I am lucky enough to belly laugh everyday! 

 I feel very blessed to have found Tatty Bumpkin.  If you had asked me three years ago about the business side of the job I would have said “Oh help!” But with perseverance, practice, and a whole heap of support from Head Office I have massively improved my business skills and am now not scared to approach any challenge. I never think, “I can’t do it” anymore, I think, “how can I do it?”

Tatty has changed my outlook on life in such a positive way.  There isn’t a bad thing to tell you about - it fits around my young children, it provides me with a good salary, it keeps me fit and happy and I am surrounded by support from the other franchisees and Head Office. I can honestly say I love my job."
Come and see us at one of our Discovery days where you will attend a fun two-hour session to discover Tatty Bumpkin for yourself and chat with the Head Office team 

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